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By Razorbuck on 05:34:31 06/10/19
[In reply to "FRONT PAGE: Four-Star OT Grant Toutant Flips from Penn State to Ohio State *" by Gerd, posted at 18:20:20 06/09/19]

This is not "sour grapes". But I am not too disappointed in this de-comm. He is a big kid, but heavy footed, and not very athletic. IMO, he is the type of 'big kid' we used to recruit 10-20 years ago to keep up with the size of other B1G programs like OSU & Michigan. problem was, that the 'big kids' for those schools were not just big bodies, but they were also very athletic people. While we just had 'big bodies'. Like others said, good luck to him. I like that he did it early in the process. I have no problems with a kid having second-thoughts and de-comm early in the process. But in all honesty, I saw a career back-up at PSU. And, I'd be very surprised if he is not a career back-up at OSU either.


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