Ash was specifically brought in to install his pass defense and fix our defensive backs . (m)

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By WolfsBane on 08:25:30 06/11/19
[In reply to "When Ash was brought in wasn't same focus to get D to play simpler/faster? *" by BuckeyeCountry, posted at 21:06:08 06/10/19]

The biggest problem that we had, before he came in, was defensive staff alignment... which trickled down to the players. Specially bad, was the fact that our safeties were on one page of the playbook and our corners were on a different page of the playbook all together. This was, specifically, a reflection of our defensive pass coordinator prior to Ash. There were times during the game that the safeties would just stand there after the play wondering what the heck the corners were doing. And of course, both these units were doing something totally different than the linebackers which often had to cover a greater area due to the miscommunications.

In came Ash. First, he started by installing his pass defense system. And along with doing that, he re-aligned the play of the safeties and the defensive backs as an unified concept. Then, he and Fickell re-aligned the defensive backs and the front seven on both pass and run play. So that the defense became once again a unit, rather than a collection of individual units, each doing their own thing.

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