You can have ads put on the podcast, just as we have Google put ads on the forum or the site.

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By Gerd on 15:49:58 06/11/19
[In reply to "hopefully not a threadjack, but how does he make money off that...thankfully, there aren't any ads on site and neither " by Bill Flemming, posted at 15:22:30 06/11/19]

The real money comes from direct sponsors, which may be an issue for him. I don't know. I've heard divorce attys advertise on The Fan before. That might be a market.

He's getting a lot of listens now and has a lot to say. He is apparently moving to two shows per week -- I'm guessing to capitalize on ad revenue, but I don't know if they have ads on the show or not.

The question is what happens when he runs out of stories of his coaching days, and how long does that last?

The good news for him is that each week during the season should provide some kind of story on top of him credible analysis as a football coach.

Say Chris Olave scores a touchdown, that may remind him of a recruiting story with Olave that he hasn't told yet.

Having interviewed him many times, he is a very talkative guy and will continue to have things to say regarding current football events.

As all shows, it will evolve and then eventually come down to whether or not it's worth doing … i.e. making enough money to justify the time commitment.

: any ad during the podcast itself...just curious, I'm a dinosaur who doesn't understand how the internet money machine works...

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