In 2015, the playcalling switched around a few times. Tim Beck eventually took it over.

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By Gerd on 15:54:41 06/11/19
[In reply to "can't really fire him midseason (not that Urb would ever do such a thing)..." by Brutus, posted at 15:33:05 06/11/19]

I remember talking to him one week and we were trying to nail down who is calling the plays and he said the last voice being heard was his.

I had somebody tell me that part of Urban's downfall here was that he had never been a coordinator and never had to call plays in a manner other than "Let's run this and this and this and this..."

He never had to call a play on the fly with the terminology and generally had very good OCs to do it. That changed in 2015.

I've said it many times, but Urban's hands were kind of tied. Warinner had earned the OC title.

...but Warinner being such a disaster as a play caller was evident before the season and somehow was allowed to live on.

: theory could have turned over the offense to someone else (or Urb himself could take over) or just the playcalling aspects of it.

: regardless Urb made a poor choice for OC and it was part of what cost the team in 2015

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