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By BuckTheWorld on 03:41:15 06/12/19
[In reply to "Rank the 5 greatest TD passes in OSU history. *" by Gerd, posted at 16:40:20 06/11/19]

1. Spencer to Thomas - why? Thrown by a WR vs. Bama (SEC overlords) game was very much in question. Toe touch. Pinpoint accurate pass. Just huge in every respect.

2. Holy Buckeye - why? The offense was lousy all day. It was an undefeated season on the line. The result was perfection. But it was a wildly out of character play for JT especially in short yardage.

3. Germaine to Boston - why? So many good but not great Cooper teams. To finally get over the hump and get back to the Rose Bowl and win it.

4. Terry Glenn v ND - why? It really seemed like it changed something in the air in Columbus. We were doing big time things to ND, which meant a lot more at the time than it does today.

5. I’m struggling here. Many great memories, but the top 4 have some separation from anything else I can come up with. Maybe I need some more perspective of time...that Bin Victor PSU play might make the list someday.

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