OSU vs SCum stat. 12 games in a row the winner has rushed for 200+ yards and loser has not. 2011 only SCum exception (m)

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By Barrett777 on 08:47:57 06/24/19

with Denard at QB. OSU has flat out dominated SCum from 2007 to present in the trenches and specifically in the run game.

Braxton actually threw for more passing yards than DR in 2011 (235 to 167), but for the only time in recent memory SCum out-rushed OSU in that game 277 yards to 137 yards.

Many remember Braxton's late overthrow, but that was only one play amongst one hundred others that impacted the game. SCum won in the trenches and Denard gave the OSU Defense fits. That was the major story of that game few remember.

SCum behind the strong rushing attack only attempted 17 passes but completed 14 for 3 TD's. Denard had a 223 Pass Efficiency rating in that game which was his highest single game rating where he threw at least 17 passes. Argh.

I love seeing SCum put statues at QB and try to throw 40 to 50 times beating OSU.

BTW, I am counting the 2 inch flip pass from Dwayne to Parris as a run since the coaches admit it is like a run for the 2018 inclusion. :-)

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