between Robinson and Milton, most had Robinson as the better back...

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By Brutus on 09:33:24 06/24/19
[In reply to "They both averaged around 14 yards per carry last year I believe." by Gerd, posted at 09:10:11 06/24/19]

...and I agree with that overall but I preferred Milton mainly for what you're saying here about Trayanum...more of a one-cut between the tackles guy. I think the offense can use more of that. Not that Robinson can't do that, but he can do so many other things athletically it's just a different style because of the different skills.

IF Robinson comes aboard and if OSU still is in the market for a 2nd RB to pair with him...I hope it's the bigger, between the tackles grinder...but given the other RB options OSU is mentioned with at this point that doesn't appear to be the direction they are going.

: I think Trayanum is stronger and a Big Ten-type back. Robinson has several different kinds of wiggle. He can be subtle or throw in some jump cuts. But he is also a straight ahead guy like Trayanum.

: I don't think landing Trayanum would have been settling, but since the OSU coaches like Robinson better, I'll said with their talent evaluation.

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