Agree here especially if the Offense changes more towards Kevin Wilson style. The bigger explosive back like Beanie (m)

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By Barrett777 on 09:43:18 06/24/19
[In reply to "between Robinson and Milton, most had Robinson as the better back..." by Brutus, posted at 09:33:24 06/24/19]

and Adrian Peterson fit that mold better.

Urban's Offense created space with the QB running the ZR and making it 11 versus 10 by freezing one defender. Urban' Offense is all about spreading defenses East and West and creating seams.

JK Dobbins was a great back in Urban's traditional system but not as perfect in a Kevin Wilson top system.

Backs like EzE can be great at either.

Bijon does not look big, and would have been perfect for Urban's system. Would love to see another Beanie, EzE, or #13 come join OSU's program. Size, speed, power, explosiveness, and as you stated very tough between the tackles.

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