Is Urban the greatest Run game mastermind of recent era? Yes IMO. His Offense set Rush ypc season records at all 4 (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:15:03 06/24/19

schools he coached at. Below are the all-time season records for highest ypc rush average for those 4 schools.

BG 2002 - 5.3 ypc season average (BG has not had a 5+ ypc average for a season since Urban left)

Utah 2004 - 5.4 ypc season average with Alex Smith (Utah has not had a 5+ ypc average since Urban left)

Florida 2008 - 5.9 ypc average (Florida has not had another 5+ ypc season average until last year when his old OC Dan Mullen took over in 2018. Florida had a 5.3 ypc average last year. Urban had 3 straight with Tebow as starting QB.

OSU 2013 - 6.8 ypc average with Braxton and Hyde. (Urban had 6 straight seasons of 5+ ypc in the Run game at OSU. Nothing ever remotely close to it in Big Ten history)

There are maybe 2 to 3 coaches have done this at 2 Div 1A schools. None have done it at 3 Div 1A size schools, let alone 4 different schools like Urban did.

Urban is the only factor in all of this. Different coaches, players, schools, and leagues. Three of the school records he set in his 2nd year at the school.

One other interesting tidbit. Every year Urban had a team go over 5.0 ypc average for a season in the run game his QB's scored at least 10+ rushing TD's in those same seasons.

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