It takes 11 people to allow an 87 yard run. Ohio State did not ever field 9, 10, 11 poor defenders. They were

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By Smartwater on 15:18:45 06/24/19
[In reply to "Sorry, but i just dont see the talent at LB to stop Bama and Clemson level teams this Fall *" by B_DeckUsher79, posted at 11:30:29 06/24/19]

mainly overthinking and being mis-coached on their reads. One 87 yard run and you might be correct in saying Harrison filled a bad gap. In that case, you get an 8 or 12 yard gain because other guys reading correctly are in position to snuff the play before it gets out of control. But multiple long runs with no one at home is guys being coached to read incorrectly and react incorrectly. Borland, Werner, and Harrison would play at Clemson or Alabama.

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