I can't believe the media is hyping Michigan...

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By Brutus on 14:40:56 07/09/19
[In reply to "So today I heard some idiot named Steve Merril say that Ryan Day is not the long term answer at " by Nashville, posted at 14:37:52 07/09/19]

...said no one ever.

it is kind of nice/interesting to see OSU doubted a bit for a change. it's at least different.

Steele really should know better, though.

: Ohio State and that Michigan has a 76% chance of winning. To their credit one of the announcers said ‘well they’ve had a zero percent chance of beating them in the last ten years. How could he say Ryan Day is not the long term answer. How the f*£¥ can you say that. What is that based on ?

: And now Phil Steele is saying that Michigan will beat Ohio State and coaching is a big part of the reason why.

: I’m gonna love the ass whipping Ryan Day is gonna lay down this year. It’s gonna be epic.

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