I can sort if understand doubting tOSU (new HC, new QB, poo 2018 D) than I can hyping tsun.

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By Buck Martini on 16:02:14 07/09/19
[In reply to "I can't believe the media is hyping Michigan..." by Brutus, posted at 14:40:56 07/09/19]

Harbaugh has been largely meh. 1 Bowl win and poo record vs. ND, MSU and tOSU.

Oh and blown out the last two games a year ago with the game in Columbus a chance at Indy/Playoff.

What has tsun done to get over the hump? Have Urban Meyer retire. Not much else.

: ...said no one ever.

: it is kind of nice/interesting to see OSU doubted a bit for a change. it's at least different.

: Steele really should know better, though.

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