Football proves how important great leadership is. Perhaps more than any other sport...especially college football...

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By Former Dante Lee fan on 20:28:37 07/09/19

If you put a moron meathead in charge of your football will be destroyed. You need a very intelligent person to be in charge of running the operations. You cannot have a meathead in charge...that same meathead May make a great LB or offensive linemen coach...but they cannot be put in charge of the entire operation!!! That is what gives me hope about Ryan can tell he is intelligent!!! But does he want to put heads on sticks? That’s what we need. A coach that would put heads on sticks if it were legal in front of the stadium. This is human nature if you research history. Humans can be very cruel, and opposing tribes such as Michigan need to be in constant fear of coming to Ohio Stadium.

* Me personally doesn’t like to step on a spider, and throws them outside so they can survive...but that’s why I’m not coach of Ohio State.

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