My daughter received her PharmD degree from Auburn...

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By Moonmadness on 04:45:40 07/10/19
[In reply to "Don’t! As a 62 year old pharmacist just don’t m *" by ntreswetrust, posted at 20:21:33 07/09/19]

It is a good school that has adopted a "Practice Ready Curriculum" with is somewhat innovative and effective. She worked retail one year and did not like it and changed jobs and now works at the University of Alabama Birmingham Medical Center and loves it. Her husband is also a Pharmacist. He was working for a Biotech firm on a cancer drug but the company decided it wasn't going to be get through the FDA process and dropped it. He now works for a company that provided the "drip bags" that provide saline and medication to patients. He enjoys his work as well.

I guess what I am saying is that Pharmacy is a lot more than working behind a counter at CVS. There are a multitude of options that pay very well for young graduates to pursue. And I would highly recommend someone pursue the field. I don't know about other schools but the program at Auburn is not easy to get into to. But if you can get accepted into it I would jump on it.

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