One thing that IMO is going to be in his advantage will be Ryan Day. (m)

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By WolfsBane on 10:51:15 07/10/19
[In reply to "Does Justin Fields have any clue how intense the limelight can be and does he have enough sense of urgency to be ready? *" by CrystalCoastBuck, posted at 09:34:16 07/10/19]

The man is as cool as a cucumber under duress. Just does not seem to get rattled much, or disjointed much from an emotional standpoint. Just focuses on the task come hell or high water. And this mental preparation seems to permeate to the team. And specially goes for the QB.

And we haven't mentioned yet that his position coach is Yurcich... a former QB, who now has developed a reputation for being a stickler QB coach with a pretty high standard of perfection for his QB charges.

The talent is certainly there... and the coaching certainly seems to be there as well.

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