Exactly. Like a basketball coach pressing man full court all game when they have 3 Steph Curry’s (m)

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By Barrett777 on 07:27:09 07/11/19
[In reply to "Play zone? Mix up coverages so we don't know what we're getting every time? *" by JK's Jump Cut, posted at 06:14:34 07/11/19]

More dumb than being plain stubborn.

As a long time basketball coach I had an opposing coach press us full court the whole game that was 20 points better team overall. We eventually brought everyone into back court but our best athlete and threw baseball passes length of court to our best athlete in one in one situations. We got baskets in 2/3 of those long pass and catches.

They blew a 20 point lead. Never pulled the full court press off and back into half court man to man or zone. Could have beat us by 30 easily once they had the big lead.

Ref had ties to the opposing school and came up after game and said it was the dumbest coaching job of all-time. All I could do was smile.

Don Brown did similar. Only works when you have athletic and speed advantages at every single position. Why Florida also scorched that same defense.

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