It was a matter of match ups and pre snap constraints dictated by us. (m)

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By WolfsBane on 08:57:15 07/11/19
[In reply to "In the Game, Ttun couldnt figure the crosses with Olave (or anyone else) what are they going to do with McCall & Gill?" by DaBuckBoys, posted at 06:07:33 07/11/19]

We had our own issues on defense with those as well as being out of position in the run game, defensively. But it had to do with our choices for counteracting what Opposing offenses were showing us.

It was the same situation with UM's defense against us during the game. They countered some of our earlier offensive sets fairly well, but in the second half we made some subtle changes in our constraints that made them make some choices that enabled our wide sweeps and crossing routes to come open. Parris and KJ in particular ate it up.

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