CBS says Michigan the best

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By Razorbuck on 09:39:40 07/11/19
[In reply to "24/7 continues its fluffing of Michigan and its fans...calls UM the #2 program thats 'on the verge'" by Brutus, posted at 07:50:03 07/11/19]

Best in College Sports: Michigan edges Kentucky to bring the 2018-19 award to Ann Arbor
Michigan's consistency drove the Wolverines to the top of the 2018-19 Best in College Sports rankings
by CBS Sports Staff & J. Darin Darst 1 hr ago • 3 min read

Which college program had the best overall athletic season in 2018-19? We here at CBS Sports decided to find out -- just as we do every year -- by crunching the numbers at the conclusion of the athletic year in order to present our annual Best in College Sports award.

The result?

Despite not winning a national title over the course of the campaign, Michigan (501.75 points) earned the honor of being named 2018-19 Bests in College Sports in one of the closest finishes since the inception of the award. Kentucky finished second with 494.25 points, while Oklahoma was third with 490.00 points.

The Wolverines accomplished the feat with consistency across the board. Their football team (10-3) finished with a final AP Top 25 ranking of No. 14 and postseason trip to a New Year's Six game in the Peach Bowl. The men's basketball team (30-7) reached the Sweet 16 of the 2019 NCAA Tournament, and the women's basketball team (22-12) reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

The baseball team (50-22) was the national runner-up, coming oh-so-close to winning the College World Series. Men's gymnastics team finished fourth nationally, the wrestling team and gymnastics teams both finished fifth, and both women's lacrosse and women's volleyball finished ninth.

The National Association of College Directors of Athletics (NACDA) has been ranking athletic programs for years by weighing every sport equally, meaning a football national title is worth the same number of points (100) as a women's water polo title. CBS Sports tweaked the formula in 2013, providing additional weight toward sports with more broad fan bases and media interest. We rate every FBS school in three sports -- football, men's basketball and women's basketball -- along with two "wild cards" among the school's most successful spectator sports: baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, lacrosse, hockey and wrestling.

The weighted formula puts 2.5 times as much emphasis on football and 2.0 times the emphasis on men's basketball compared to women's basketball and the "wild cards." Teams that did not finish in the final AP Top 25 in football but played in a bowl were awarded 62.5 points (25 x 2.5). Teams that made the men's NIT were given 20 points (10 x 2), while WNIT teams received 10 points. For all titles settled via bracket, point totals were based upon how many teams participated. All champions in the other sports received 100 points for a national title.Previous winners of CBS Sports' Best in College Sports award include Louisville in 2013, Stanford in 2014, Ohio State in 2015, Oklahoma in 2016, Florida State in 2017 and Ohio State again in 2018. Let's stake a look at the year-end rankings.

2018-19 Best in College Sports rankings
team logo
1st -- 501.75 153.75 128 50 90 80
team logo
2nd -- 494.25 161.25 146 50 73 64
team logo
3rd -- 490.00 200 100 0 100 90
team logo
4th -- 465.75 183.75 128 0 90 64
team logo
5th -- 456.00 212.50 100 10 90 43.50
team logo
6th -- 432.50 62.50 200 0 100 70
team logo
7th -- 419.00 122.50 100 73 80 43.50
team logo
8th -- 417.88 178.13 100 0 73 66.75
team logo
9th -- 410.50 187.50 0 90 73 60
team logo
10th -- 404.50 157.50 100 0 83 64

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