5 of 8 last NC's have been #1 in Scoring D. 7 of 8 have been in top 10. Prospects for OSU to get back in top 5 on D? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 10:57:24 07/11/19

Last year was a woeful #52.

Prior year OSU was #15 which vast majority of time is not good enough if goal is NC.

Bama has been #1 in scoring D in 3 of their NC's under Saban and in top 3 in all 5 NC seasons.

Clemson was #1 in scoring D last year. Many focus on their Offense but it was their D and their Run game that took them to the Natty.

FSU in 2013 with Jameis Winston had the #1 Scoring Defense and also averaged 5.6 ypc rushing on Offense. Most of the focus was on Winston but at least equally should have been on their #1 D and a strong run game on Offense.

Do you believe it is realistic for OSU to jump back into he top 5 in scoring D in 2019?

If so, who are the impact players few are talking about now to help make that happen?

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