We saw last year the problem that Dobbins had with rotating. He was putting too much pressure on himself to

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By Gerd on 14:30:40 07/11/19
[In reply to "I think a good question for next time you get an offensive coach is about rotations and reps when you have" by Smartwater, posted at 13:21:06 07/11/19]

produce as much as possible when it was his turn.

: a number of viable options at different positions. Some guys are hugely talented but need to be in the rhythm of the game to make their plays. Other guys can get 5 snaps and do something productive with each of them. It would be interesting to get a coach to talk about how they recruit for that, given that OSU is overloaded at positions like H and lots of guys are going to get/earn snaps. Also, how much situational practice time do they put into it? It is one thing to play as if every rep counts. Of course you want that and believe that. Not every guy has that DNA. Some players excel in the flow of the game and learn their advantages and use them at opportune moments.

: So, to answer your question on Gill requires some idea of where he fits in this range. Instant offense or flow of the game. I will take the under on his production due to opportunities and my half thought out idea that if he was an instant impact guy, he would have seen the field like Olave did and make each rep a game changer.

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