Again, I get discounting tOSU to some extent. New QB, HC, Co OC and a D revamp.

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By Buck Martini on 15:15:20 07/11/19
[In reply to "Trash .. Tim Brando on Finebaum has Michigan @ #3 OSU not in his top 10* *" by Phil OSU'59, posted at 14:56:53 07/11/19]

Note, I did not read the article.

But to raise tsun higher? Really? When Sparty crushes their souls, remember I told you so.

Beyond that, their front 7 is sketchy. OL getting hype, but I believe ND, Sparty, tOSU and others will not only test them, but win.

New OC? No huddle? I don’t recommend. Shea isn’t prolific, but can be efficient.

To restate, I kind of understand doubting tOSU. But hyping tsun?

Silliness. If they happen to be undefeated heading in to 11/16, Sparty will crush their souls.

Tough schedule Harbaugh. Clean sheet and you deserve the kudos. And even then, impaled by Clemson, Bama, GA, OU or tOSU.

Ahhhhh July for the lie.

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