It's garbage. And people believe it. Nothing to substantiate it anymore either like when they

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By 1flybuckeye on 09:40:16 07/16/19
[In reply to "6 SEC teams indexed higher than us...give me a break *" by CrystalCoastBuck, posted at 09:39:04 07/16/19]

churned out 6 or 7 nattys in a row throughout the conference. That isn't even happening still. They're milking a 15 year old cow that has died a long time ago. Only elite team is Bama. Good teams include UGA, sometimes LSU, and sometimes Auburn.

Every conference except the PAC seems to have a similar setup. One or two elites. 2-3 good teams. Rest mediocre or trash. B1G elite is tOSU. Good are PSU, UM, Wiscy, sometimes MSU.

ACC is weak. Clemson is elite. After that, huge dropoff.

Big 12 has OU which is generally elite. After that, Texas is good, TCU sometimes, Okie State sometimes. After that pretty mediocre.

All the conferences, to me, have the same general tiers of elite teams, good teams, mediocre teams, and bad teams.

No conference is light years ahead of another, but that is how it is reported and viewed by the majority of the CFB world.

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