The Rams signed his contract before last season. they don't have to extend Goff until after this season...

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By Brutus on 10:58:02 07/16/19
[In reply to "How so?" by Poisonut, posted at 09:14:46 07/16/19]

...which would mean they did Gurley 2 years before having to devote a huge cap number to Goff (who may be as good/bad as Dak).

In Dallas, a lot of these bills (Cooper, Dak, Eze etc) are coming due at the same time). The QB being the biggest one.

As for Gurley...the deal looks like a mistake because he's already breaking down. Had a bad knee injury in college and his knees are still bugging him to this day. makes that deal questionable to start with and looks worse now. Elliott to this point has avoided big injuries. that's kind of a big deal. but he's been a problem off the field. also a big deal.

If I was Dallas I'd let Dak walk or trade him instead of handing him a Carson Wentz contract.

: The Rams cap situation isn't as dire as you seem to be making it out and Gurley was easily the most productive running back in the NFL in 2018 and helping them to the Super Bowl.

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