just saying that Clemson has at least evened things up with Bama/Saban if not passed them...

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By Brutus on 12:10:28 07/16/19
[In reply to "Apples and oranges IMO (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 10:10:20 07/16/19]

...and at the end of the first college football playoff it looked for all the world that the program ready to take over for Bama was Ohio State.

It did not happen. and the program that did ended up being Clemson (regardless of reasons) and now to the victor (2 titles) go the spoils (awesome recruits).

: It is not just one thing, there is a lot to winning a single NC and also continuing to dominate. Clemson and OSU are tow different conversations and not identical situations.

: 1. Clemson was fortunate that the ACC cratered around them the last 4 years. Imagine how different their situation looks if Bowden's FSU teams were still around and the great Cane teams? Clemson has a free run pretty much every year right now in the ACC without playing a legit top 10 team in conference.

: 2. Flip side is the B1G had a stretch where multiple teams stepped it up and became top 10 teams. Wisconsin had a few years, Michigan a few years, MSU a few years, and PSU a few years. B1G East specifically was tough because most of the top teams are in that side of the league. Add to this OSU playing a top 5 program with the eventual #1 pick in the Draft in Oklahoma and Mayfield in a Home and Away and the road was much more difficult than Clemson.

: 3. Northern teams have some disadvantages similar to Baseball. Not as extreme, but it is there. Southern HS schools can run year round 7 on 7's, and also is a recruiting hotbed. Outside of OSU, what other northern programs are elite and a threat to win every year? Urban turned OSU into a program that was unlike any other northern program. Tressel's team danced here and there with a Natty, but every year Urban's teams were in the hunt.

: 4. The 2014 and 2002 seasons both were special, but easily could have looked like the other years with their near misses. It takes a lot of things lining up in the years when OSU has won a Natty. Too many minimize the unique things that lead to a Natty, and make the mistake that it is somehow easy or just a rinse and repeat situation. Here are specific examples of details that were not repeatable from 2014 to 2015:

: * Tom Herman leaving. He was perfect for Urban's style of Offense, and was a QB whisperer.

: * Devin Smith was as good of a deep threat to blow the top off of defense that OSU has ever had. His absence was huge the following few years. Michael Thomas was a great compliment to Devin, but 2014 NC does not happen without Devin. There were other key unsung players like Baldwin at RT that graduated that were not replaced adequately.

: * Perfect blend of coaches. Urban, Herman, and Ed on Offense. Ed is phenomenal with the OL and run game. Herman handled the pass game, ZR, and then Urban molded from there. Urban could have told Ed no as OC in 2015, but he would have lost Herman and Ed and had to completely start over.

: * Then there are non-repeatable unique legendary plays that happened in the Bama game that each were difference makers:

: - Michael Thomas incredible TD catch off of an Evan Spencer pass off of a fake reverse play. It was by far the best throw and catch in that game.

: - Steve Miller Pick 6. Huge play that turned momentum in the 2nd half back to OSU. OSU loses very few games when they get a Pick 6 TD. Few mention that play, but without it I doubt OSU wins that game.

: - Evan Spencer taking out two Bama LB's on EzE's 85 yard Td run. One of the greatest blocks in OSU history. Without it EzE might get 8 yards. Instead it is a race to the End Zone and a Natty.

: 5. Then you have the real potential of Clemson using PED's. Some try to dismiss it, but there is no way to downplay 3 players testing positive out of a small sampling last year. Buckeye fans should remember the George Perles years at MSU when they rose up and became a beast out of nowhere. Their OL and DL reminded me what I now see from Clemson. This is not to take away a lot of what Clemson has become which is a great program, but the OL and DL from Clemson last year was juiced IMO big time.

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