And next months “fall” camp will be Justin Fields 4th camp (spring in Athens and fall & same in C Bus). Also

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By Buck Martini on 08:49:28 07/17/19
[In reply to "I actually see the logic. We do have a lot of questions. But, he misses the main point. We have better athletes. *" by CrystalCoastBuck, posted at 08:15:58 07/17/19]

while I can understand the Offensive Line questions, plenty of experience returning if not full time starter. Also most all of them are Blue Chips and Super Blue Chips.

And while I was initially skeptical of WR due to the massive leadership losses, Victor, Hill and Mack have tons of experience. Olave came on late as well, so not seeing much of a dropoff here.

Sure, Fields won’t likely come close to near 5,000 yards and 50 some TD’s, but he shouldn’t have too. The D will be back to form. At least it shouldn’t be anywhere near the poo levels of 13/18 seasons.

10-2 seems like the basement assuming Fields is healthy the entire season.

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