A reminder and a thanks in advance.

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By Mr. Ed on 07:37:20 08/05/19

Remember August of 2018 on this board?

Last August several board posters took it upon themselves to lead an informal fundraising effort for the support of the-Ozone.

The funds that were raised in that month were critical to our ability to operate in 2018-2019.

It's a year later, and to be honest it would be really helpful if those of you who can could make a contribution toward our support would do so.

A donation now would go a long long way toward keeping this cite free for all who care to visit. That has been an underlying fundamental goal here since we started 20+ years ago, and it remains a goal, but every year it gets harder and harder and harder to operate without income beyond advertising revenue. Honestly, it is now impossible, so we are going to ask those of you who are will and able to once again help us out in the month of August.

Thanks in advance if you see fit to donate. The money that was raised last year in August kept us above water for the rest of the year without having to harp on donations in the other 11 months. A successful fund raising effort in August of this year can do the same.

Thanks again.

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