It was a very good season, but simply not tested against top competition like previous seasons (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:20:38 08/12/19
[In reply to "can get another breakdown of how bad the 2018 team was again, please. run game. redzone. Haskins only passing short..." by Brutus, posted at 12:16:01 08/12/19]

We were all happy to see OSU win a tight game against PSU. Truth be told if McSorely lived up to his superman billing and led PSU to a final winning FG the season would have felt far different.

Likewise if Maryland's QB hits the one Receiver for the 2-point play.

Wins are wins though.

Given the easier schedule OSU had an opportunity to run the table. The Purdue loss did lead to some changes that should have been made earlier.

Red Zone issues cost OSU big time against Purdue.

BTW, I never had a problem with Luke Fickell firing back at the media with the comment. "We won didn't we". Many others did.

Clearly even in wins there are some things to clean up for future games to ultimately avoid losses later in the season.

Stats that equal to consistent winning are understood by coaches.

Belichick's comments about stats for full context were due to questions about how long it takes for Brady to release the ball, or Advanced Stats showing progression time on routes and things like that. Belichick said he never looks at stats like that.

Meanwhile stats like Turnovers are absolutely looked at and measured as one obvious one. Urban had a goal of trying to get to 250 yards rushing and 250 yards passing per game. You can see that theme at his several stops and that balance worked extremely well.

Saban has been all about top Rushing Defenses and Offenses, and winning TO and Field position battle. Has led to 5 NC's at Bama.

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