On that one OK. There are longer & similar interviews where he is asked about certain stats such as release time (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:42:50 08/12/19
[In reply to "Wrong, again. He said it defending Randy Moss for having one catch against the Panthers *" by Smartwater, posted at 13:50:46 08/12/19]

and other geeky timing stuff you will see sometimes dissected on ESPiN or the NFL Network and he said he cared about none of that.

Regarding the Randy Moss catching 1 pass in a game, I would say "exactly" to that.

Who cares if he only caught 1 pass if they won? Quite likely the opponent doubled or bracketed Moss and opened other things up. Thus meaningless especially if they won. If they lost, then it might be worth discussing as to the whys Moss did not catch more and opponent also able to take other options away. Typically Belichick is quite short and with the Press so all of it is kind of the norm with him. being terse.

Ask him about turnovers and field position and I think he will care.

Talk to him about Brady passing for 400 yards and they lose and it is a who cares.

Talk to him about Brady passing for 150 yards and they win and he will be fine with that.

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