you do a lot of work defending jtb. for no real reason. making up numbers like top 7 defenses...

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By Brutus on 16:44:24 08/12/19
[In reply to "JTB in his career is 6-0 as a starter against final ranked top 7 scoring defenses (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 15:52:16 08/12/19]

JTB was good. Real good. But he had flaws that you refuse to recognize. Despite the cherry picked stats that attempt to show Wisconsin's defense as elite. Or using top 7 instead of the more standard top 10 or 25 as a way to include Penn State twice and not some of his and OSUs more iffy performances against 'worse' defenses.

I'm not a huge fan of crediting a qb with a w/l record, either. Team game. Jt gets a W for 2017 Michigan where he was 3 for 8 for 30 yards in 2 1/2 quarters and leaving with the team trailing. Yippie.

: JTB holds the following FBS NCAA Records against "elite" final ranked top 7 scoring defenses:

: * Most wins - 6 (perfect 6-0 record)
: * Most TD passes thrown - 9
: * Most TD rushes - 9
: * Most TD's combined - 18

: Why final ranked top 7 defenses? Equates to top 5 % of FBS scoring defenses when factoring in the schools numbering from 125 to 140 most years and allowing for OSU (or school of record) to be one of those top 7 defenses.

: If you want to debate using top 7 scoring defenses as being too limiting JTB also holds the NCAA FBS record for most TD's against final ranked top 40 scoring defenses with 50 TD's in winning performances. 16 of JTB's 38 career wins as a start came against top 40 scoring defenses.

: JTB has done more good things including passing against elite opponents and defenses than anyone in Big Ten history.

: As for last year's Offense, in 3 of the 4 games played against top 30 scoring defenses OSU was held below 30 points and 400 yards of Total Offenses in 3 of the 4. Yes, OSU had a huge game against SCum and that was awesome. Also built up a lot of the gaudy stats against the lesser competition.

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