I never understood all the worrying about the RB position...

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By jh6847 on 17:56:55 08/12/19
[In reply to "Looks as if a backup to JK is surfacing - the Florida GatorAid POY - M. Crowley *" by the displaced Buckeye, posted at 17:27:09 08/12/19]

JK is a stud!
MT has been hurt this spring. He will be ready to go.
DM was a top 50 recruit. He will be a playmaker this year.
Crowley was Florida player of the year.
Chambers is amazing for a 5th string RB

This is not the position to be worried about. Worry about the Oline coming together. Yes, tons of talent but very little playing together.
Worry about Fields. 2020 he will be amazing. 2019 is a question mark at the moment.
Defense - pray the coaching changes make it better.

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