Would make sense if he can swallow his pride? Thought Chip Kelly and UCLA might have been a better place to start? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 18:46:44 08/12/19
[In reply to "unlv? there's worse places to end up than vegas... *" by Brutus, posted at 18:18:37 08/12/19]

Chip runs an Offense that would be friendly to Tate's skill set as much if not more than most others.

Tate also beat out Dorian Thompson-Robinson in HS when DTR was a WR catching passes from Tate. When Tate graduated DTR played QB his Senior year.

Given DTR played a lot of QB last year at UCLA and it is out West it would have seemed the better place to take a 2nd swing at.

Now that he is on 2 strikes and no balls, he is on the defensive and has to pick the safest route which UNLV might be the best he could hope for to make it still work out.

Watching Tate roll though he might try to get into FSU, Auburn, or some other big name program if he can talk his way in. Highly doubt anyone buys it the 3rd time, but who knows at this stage with all of the transfers.

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