Tell me the elite defenses that laughed at OSU and let's discuss (m)

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By Barrett777 on 18:51:06 08/12/19
[In reply to "you do a lot of work defending jtb. for no real reason. making up numbers like top 7 defenses..." by Brutus, posted at 16:44:24 08/12/19]

Sure, Clemson DB made some comments in 2016. We have discussed that over 10 times before, but let's do it again because there are important details you have refused to admit about that game.

Besides Clemson, who else?

While we are at it, you have your pick of any Big Ten QB in history to compare to JTB regarding this notion of high level passing performance in games won against elite teams and elite defenses.

Pick whoever you want at QB in Big Ten history and lets compare to JTB using your own elite standard. I do not believe there is anyone that could be left standing using your criteria, but you have the opportunity to prove me wrong.

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