I’m going on Record. Fields is not better than Lawrence or Frum. There is a reason. M

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By ysubuckfan ghost by ysubuckfan on 19:35:09 08/12/19
[In reply to "Fields is supposedly beter than Trevor Lawrence ..both Georgia Boys *" by Silverbullets, posted at 13:20:09 08/12/19]

A reason that Dabo passed on Fields and it wasn’t just because they had Lawrence or Bryant. There is reason that Kirby Smart did not put any restrictions on Fields’ transfer, no restrictions. Fields may have a great arm and hot wheels. However, he was not an inspiration in the Locker Room.

Dabo and his Staff have a knack to spot good talent beyond the number of *s a player has. Can the player jell in a system, listen, be coached up and support the team. Dabo did not believe Fields was right right for his system and team. The decision against Fields recruitment was made collectively by the Clemson Staff. Fields didn’t make that Staff have a warm feeling through the recruitment process. -Clemson.

Smart started Frum over Fields. Sure, Fields’ athletic ability led him into games when the outcome was obvious. Once Fields declared eligible for the Transfer Portal; Smart let him go with no restrictions. That’s two coaches in successful programs that soured on Fields. -2Georgia

Now remember the Spring Game. Fields struggled. Fast Forward to Fall Camp at OSU. Fields has not really looked sharp and Gunner is making the Quarterback Position unknown as of now. Does Day see the same issues now that Dabo and Kirby saw?

Fields might end up starting. We don’t know yet and should. Does Day really believe in his ability to lead on the field and in the Locker Room? We won’t really know because the staff is tight lipped now. But when UC comes to town; don’t be shocked to see Fields holding a clipboard if his numbers aren’t impressive against FAU.

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