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By Brutus on 04:06:03 08/13/19
[In reply to "Tell me the elite defenses that laughed at OSU and let's discuss (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 18:51:06 08/12/19]

Ohio State was very good, in some regards great through the JTB years. But the offense lost balance and was one dimensional in key spots at key times due to the passing game and he's the qb. So he wears a chunk of that. You seek to absolve him from any blame. I don't get why. If you want to count 3 for 8 for 30 yards as a winning performance so be it. I see it as evidence as to why OSU consistently fell short of winning a national title with him under center.

In his years he had a very good/elite run game and very good/elite defense for 2015-2017. In the losses those years that kept OSU from the pinnacle (2015 Sparty, 2016 Clemson, 2017 Iowa) his combined stat line is 46 for 83 for 381 yards 4 tds and 6 INTs. Thats a passer rating of 95.43. That isn't good.

You consistently kill Haskins for Purdue and the red zone issues. But you gloss over the above. It's weird.

: Sure, Clemson DB made some comments in 2016. We have discussed that over 10 times before, but let's do it again because there are important details you have refused to admit about that game.

: Besides Clemson, who else?

: While we are at it, you have your pick of any Big Ten QB in history to compare to JTB regarding this notion of high level passing performance in games won against elite teams and elite defenses.

: Pick whoever you want at QB in Big Ten history and lets compare to JTB using your own elite standard. I do not believe there is anyone that could be left standing using your criteria, but you have the opportunity to prove me wrong.

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