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By Tatum on 06:10:48 08/13/19
[In reply to "I never understood all the worrying about the RB position..." by jh6847, posted at 17:56:55 08/12/19]

: JK is a stud!
: MT has been hurt this spring. He will be ready to go.
: DM was a top 50 recruit. He will be a playmaker this year.
: Crowley was Florida player of the year.
: Chambers is amazing for a 5th string RB

: This is not the position to be worried about. Worry about the Oline coming together. Yes, tons of talent but very little playing together.
: Worry about Fields. 2020 he will be amazing. 2019 is a question mark at the moment.
: Defense - pray the coaching changes make it better.

JK looked like a stud his frosh year. Last year, looked like a Fullback. The rest of the bunch were highly rated, but certainly not in the can’t miss category. There is 5 star talent in every position room at OSU except RB

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