don't see it happening but thinking about what a new Ohio Stadium would/could look like...

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By Brutus on 09:00:11 08/13/19
[In reply to "In our lifetime will the shoe be replaced by a better Jerry World? I believe it will need to happen" by carperemote, posted at 08:31:02 08/13/19]

...well it'd probably be pretty great.

The costs involved would be staggering. Baylor opened a 45k capacity joint a few years back with a $255M price tag. I figure a new Ohio Stadium would cost around $600M if not quite a bit more. that's not happening.

I do think we will see within 10 years is for certain games there will be areas of the stadium covered in tarps. this won't be just an Ohio State thing...but all around the nation and people's tastes continue to change.

best thing OSU can do to get fans in the seats is first to cut the price but other than that make reliable, awesome, great wifi for everyone in there wants it. I don't like it but people are married to their phones.

: We are watching gladiator games while sitting in B.C. technology, and are beginning to pay more than the live game experience is worth, hence declining demand.

: Demand from Millennials is understandably low and always will be, it’s not their fault they had better tech and play their sports against friends online. Anyone with kids understands that. Birthdates beginning about 1992 watched very little football relative to previous birthdates

: The biggest football demographic, aging baby boomers who can afford live games are no longer willing to sit in freezing or burning conditions on an aluminum bench to watch other people play between commercials. Boomers don’t want to fight for bad restrooms and pretzels.

: Large stadiums are becoming monoliths to an ancient era. Nothing will fill large stadiums at mid tier programs. Mid-tier football is a money loser due to empty stadiums. Eventually top tier cold weather programs will need to move to high tech indoor venues if they want to stay viable.

: I can see Ohio State as a program who can afford to get ahead of that curve, but as boomers (birth dates 1945-1961) age quickly the curve is steepening quickly

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