Yeah, that’s one of the things I posted last week when we were talking about declining attendance (m)

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By Nashville on 09:11:22 08/13/19
[In reply to "One update they need to do is dump the bench seating. One thing I hate when going to a game (m)" by HilliardJoe, posted at 08:56:11 08/13/19]

We can debate the reasons why, but it’s obvious that supply exceeds demand within the current pricing structure. And it

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By Nashville on 12:47:36 08/07/19
[In reply to "Per Gene Smith, season ticket renewals were down a bit. Came in at 94-95% of last year." by Gerd, posted at 10:44:55 08/07/19]

it’s not just Ohio State, it’s much worse most places. The fact that we’re having issues given the success we’ve had the last 7 years is troubling. Imagine what it would be like in a legitimate down period, like 4 consecutive 9-3 seasons or something.

I think the schools that have 100,000 seat stadiums seem to have a real aversion to dropping below 100K whether they need them or not. If I was in charge, Ohio Stadium would definitely have fewer seats. Among the things I’d do:

1) eliminate all of B Deck except for possibly the first four or five rows. Put in suites and/or party rooms all around the stadium that could be sold by either the season or by game.

2) every seat between the goal lines would be a chair back seat in AA, A, C decks. You know, you’d actually have a seat that matches the ticket you bought, not six inches of aluminum bleacher sandwiched between fat guys. Bleachers were fine when tickets were cheap, and they’re fine for students. But $200 per seat for premium games to wedge yourself in like sardines ? It’s absurd. The only NFL stadium that has bleachers is Green Bay. You’re charging NFL prices, you ought to approximate NFL amenities.

Tickets between the goal lines would naturally carry a higher price, as they do in every professional stadium in the NFL.

I’m not sure how many seats would be lost, but I’m guessing we’d still have ~80,000. The revenue lost could possibly be made up by tiered pricing but it may not. But I think it will always be in the programs best interest to have high ticket demand and the revenue will likely be lost anyway if the current trend continues

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