Of course you do not get it. You apply complete different standards (m)

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By Barrett777 on 09:37:28 08/13/19
[In reply to "i don't get it..." by Brutus, posted at 04:06:03 08/13/19]

: Ohio State was very good, in some regards great through the JTB years. But the offense lost balance and was one dimensional in key spots at key times due to the passing game and he's the qb. So he wears a chunk of that. You seek to absolve him from any blame. I don't get why. If you want to count 3 for 8 for 30 yards as a winning performance so be it. I see it as evidence as to why OSU consistently fell short of winning a national title with him under center.

OSU was great through the JTB years, not just good. Let's start there.

3 for 8? Seriously? JTB got kneecapped before the SCum game and tried to go. He pulled himself after first series in the 2nd half. Even with one leg he still had a 25 yards TD pass to Baugh and a rushing TD to account for 2 TD's in roughly a Half of play. This is the best you got to take a shot at a warrior who was 4-0 as a starter against SCum and gave it his best shot when he got cartilage tore from taking a direct hit on his knee minutes before kickoff? Very low even for you.

: In his years he had a very good/elite run game and very good/elite defense for 2015-2017. In the losses those years that kept OSU from the pinnacle (2015 Sparty, 2016 Clemson, 2017 Iowa) his combined stat line is 46 for 83 for 381 yards 4 tds and 6 INTs. Thats a passer rating of 95.43. That isn't good.

In 2016 who was the OC? Ed. Cardale and JTB's Pass Efficiency Ratings dropped similarly between 2014 and 2015 when Herman left. JTB's PE went right back up when Day and Wilson arrived.

In 2016 how did the WR's compare to 2014? Swap out Devin Thomas as the deep threat for James Clark, and freshman Bin Victor. Swap out Michael Thomas for Noah Brown. Swap the two sets of WR units between 2014 and 2016. Does OSU win the NC in 2014 without Devin and MT? How would Devin and MT have changed the Clemson game?

In 2016 Prince was a Soph and had the lowest % of successful Pass Blocking for a Tackle in college football. Jordan was a true frosh. That OL was nowhere near the unit in 2014 or even 2015. The top pass rushing teams like Clemson and SCum lived in the backfield.

: You consistently kill Haskins for Purdue and the red zone issues. But you gloss over the above. It's weird.

The 2015 loss to MSU was a debacle. There were a lot of factors beyond the QB play.

The 2018 Purdue loss was a debate. There were a lot of factors beyond the QB play.

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