As a millenial myself, my demand or desire has never been stronger for wanting to go in person to OSU games at the Shoe-

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By 1flybuckeye on 09:40:22 08/13/19
[In reply to "In our lifetime will the shoe be replaced by a better Jerry World? I believe it will need to happen" by carperemote, posted at 08:31:02 08/13/19]

I grew up doing it with my father and rest of my family, and it's a connection I will always have and cherish that one day I hope to continue with my kids when I have them. Nevertheless, I simply cannot afford the price of a game for every home game. I will have to be content (and I am) to going once a year or some years maybe not getting to go at all...But that doesn't mean my desire isn't there.

I will say that the large stadium thing is getting to be tough though. In comparison to the most popular global sport - soccer, futbol, the stadiums in the English Premier League - most of them are no bigger than 30-40,000 in capacity. Sure you have a few select mega money (the big top 6) clubs which have global followings having stadiums around 50-70k, but still nothing over 100k.

It still amazes me everytime I think about it that Ohio Stadium is only used six or seven days out of the 365 day year for tOSU football. It is used for concerts, graduations, tours, other etc. stuff, but for its main purpose it is used 1.9% of the year. That many seats, people, vendors, etc. all for 7 out of 365 days. Just a lot to go through IMO.

The money is there I guess, but if ticket prices don't go down, or the gameday in person experience doesn't get better in some way to warrant the prices where they currently are, then yes I could see our stadium downsize in capacity for sure.

I can't imagine that they would ever just decimate the entire thing to build a whole new structure, but I could see them removing seats.

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