I don't break things down the way you do. your definition of elite has Wisconsin as an elite defense...

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By Brutus on 12:42:06 08/13/19
[In reply to "Separate post to keep it clean. Name any Big Ten QB in history you believe played better than JTB against elite (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 09:39:27 08/13/19]

...IMO Wisconsin isn't elite at anything other than probably OL play and even then it's OL run blocking. regardless of what the scoring defense numbers say.

I don't like that you try to paint me into a corner when it comes to JTB. I think he's a good player and did many many great things. I just happen to think he had weaknesses as a passer and those things showed up certainly in the losses I mentioned and also some of the wins. there were issues there that held OSU back from winning it all or even being able to compete for the title.

: teams and defenses.

: This way we can establish your standards for what an elite team and defense is, and apply it equally to JTB, your pick of any Big Ten QB, and also use it going forward with future QB's.

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