I still say there's a parallel universe where Earle Bruce won 41 straight games as OSU's head coach (m)

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By ScriptOhio (Texas Ex) on 12:44:01 08/13/19

In this universe, Ohio State comes into the 1983 season on a seven-game win streak, the same as it did in our universe.


* Keith Byars didn't get hurt against Iowa and duplicated his huge first half in the 2nd half, leading OSU to a 21-20 win.
* Mike Tomczak didn't get concussed against Illinois and didn't throw a pick-six. OSU held off the Illini 13-10.
* Earle didn't try a fumblerooskie against Michigan. OSU continued its steady drive down the field, scored a TD, then traded scores late and beat the Wolverines 28-24.
* Ohio State beat a mediocre UCLA team in the '84 Rose Bowl and finished #1 in the polls when Miami upset Nebraska 31-30 in the Orange Bowl


* Ohio State converted for a TD on 4th-and-goal from the 2 instead of missing a 19-yd FG and held off Purdue 31-28
* Kirk Lowermilk didn't break his leg in the first minute of the game at Wisconsin and his presence was enough for OSU to muddle through with a lucky 17-16 win
* USC couldn't catch Keith Byars in the first quarter on what was a 55-yd TD run instead of a 50-yd run and OSU held on to nip the Trojans 21-20 in the Rose Bowl, winning the 1984 national championship


* Keith Byars DIDN'T break his foot in practice
* With Byars at full strength, Ohio State played it safe and held onto its 28-14 fourth quarter lead at Illinois, winning 31-28
* With Byars to rely on, Vince Workman and Roman Bates didn't fumble handoffs and provide Wisconsin the upset fuel it needed. Ohio State is terrible but beats the Badgers 14-0 to run its win streak to 41.

Even in this parallel universe where all the breaks went Ohio State's way and even with a healthy Byars, that '85 Michigan team was pretty special.

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