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By 1flybuckeye on 13:12:23 08/13/19
[In reply to "Question for the board: Which is more arrogant? (m)" by Bucket from Joe's, posted at 10:47:56 08/13/19]

Hail is annoying but is just a synonym for anyone saying Go *insert team here*!

I get most annoyed when they cite that they're the "winningest program of all time." Seriously, they count games in that statistic/record that they played against high school teams.

I literally won't care if it is us, Alabama, or anyone else, but I will be a happy man whenever ANYBODY overtakes their total win record (because they'll never personally give up counting those games in their win records). I hate it in the same way that Alabama counts 15 (or 16 now?) National Championships. Of the ones that they count, one of them I think was in the 1930s sometime when only one of the nation's 30+ polls voted them National Champions while 2 were other teams and the remaining 27 voted another team unanimously, but yet in their marketing materials and by word of mouth, it is believed that Bama has, in fact, 16 National Titles. In fact, I suppose that is still true, but it is deceptively true.

tOSU on the other hand is actually honest in claiming the eight that they claim, but we could claim more if we wanted to. Anyone know the total by chance if we claimed all the ones that we could? After we won our title in 2014, stupid ESPN reported that we only had six. Like, who counted six?!?!? Garbage! If Bama has 16, that's based on THEIR CLAIMED ONES BY THE SCHOOL, so then even and fair, unbiased reporting would dictate reporting how many OSU claims to have as well, but no - they used some other system or metric or qualifier to determine that we only had six instead of eight.

Either way, that's what has always bothered me about them...even if they have the most wins of all time, when whoever overtakes that will be fabulous. Can't ever dispute or argue with any of them over it since it is factually true, but when you look deeper into the information, just like Bama's natty's, you'll notice it isn't all the glamour that it appears to be.

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