Your refusal to pick any BigTen QB in history and use your own standards is extremely telling (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:52:31 08/13/19
[In reply to "I don't break things down the way you do. your definition of elite has Wisconsin as an elite defense..." by Brutus, posted at 12:42:06 08/13/19]

Your only standard is a double standard. If Wisconsin in 2017 was not elite then no one OSUI played in 2018 was elite. LOL. In some poor rankings they ended the season #1 ranked. Not that I agree with that high of a power ranking, but to write them off so easily as you do to fit your argument is silly. That was the best Wisconsin team in their school's history. They were in the Playoffs without OSU beating them. Other than that, they were average apparently using your standards.

Back to the challenge. Pick Dwayne, or Troy, or Tom Brady, or Drew Brees, or Cardale, or Braxton, or Craig Krenzel, or Rex Kern, or Bob Griese, of Brian Griese or another QB of your choosing from the Big Ten ever. All of these QB's listed were great QB's. None could come close to passing your standard for what a great QB is apparently.

My challenge to you is no QB in Big Ten history would be great using your own standards. Prove me wrong and pick your QB of choice.

JTB is the most accomplished Big Ten QB ever in pure performance on the college football field whether discussing wins, elite wins, elite wins against top defenses, most TD's against elite teams or elite defenses, most seasons playing against the toughest competition, etc.. .

BTW, JTB was far from perfect. No player or team ever is. Anyone can nitpick any player or team in history and discount all good things and overrule with lesser things. That is why you are a hit man and not a serious poster when it comes to subjects like this.

You know all the above to be true and that is why you refuse to pick any Big Ten QB of your own choice to compare.

Meanwhile we have "brutus from the O-Zone and his brilliant analysis against the following

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