Tua and Bama against top 30 Defenses – significant dropoff (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:45:09 08/13/19

Tua is obviously a super talented QB who plays on a super talented Bama team.

Tua set some all-time NCAA records last year including setting the highest single season Pass efficiency rating of 199.4. I was curious how he and his team performed against the tougher (elite) competition in putting up these record numbers compared to the other opponents that were more average to below average. The findings and contrast was large.

Bama played 4 opponents in LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia and Clemson that finished in the Top 30 in the nation in Scoring and Total Defense both. They were the only 4 teams.

All of the stats below are broke down into two categories. One grouping is against the 4 teams with top 30 defenses, and the other grouping is all 11 other opponents combined.

***Stats against LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia and Clemson:

Tua – 71 of 122 passing, 58.2%, 6 passing TD’s, 6 Interceptions, 7.5 yards per attempt, 12.9 yards per completion, Pass Efficiency rating of 127.

Tua – 18 rushes, -5 yards, - 0.3 ypc, 1 rushing TD

Bama averaged 26 points per game

*** Stats against 11 other opponents:

Tua – 174 of 233 passing, 74.7%, 37 passing TD’s, 0 Interceptions, 13.1 yards per attempt, 17.5 yards per completion, Pass Efficiency rating of 248.

Tua – 39 rushes, 195 yards, 5.0 ypc, 4 rushing TD’s

Bama averaged 52.7 points per game

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