Tua and Bama have been lucky 2 straight years vs Georgia. In 2017 Tua should have had 2 other passes picked off in (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:59:54 08/13/19
[In reply to "ya. not sold on Tua the way the rest of the world is. at least at this point. *" by Brutus, posted at 14:50:35 08/13/19]

2nd half that would have ended that comeback attempt. One was a flat out drop by a Georgia player, and the other slipped right by a defender for an Alabama catch. Extremely risky throws that this year against the better competition were picked off.

Ironically Hurts had to save the day vs Georgia in 2018 coming in and passing for 1 TD and running for a 2nd. Tua was 10-25 in the game this past year passing.

Much easier to be the backup coming in and winging it, and also with the Defense not game planning against the backup.

Kirby Smart has to be kicking himself to have lost both of those games. Then to end the 2018 season with a crushing upset loss to Texas made it even worse.

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