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By Gerd on 15:18:22 08/13/19
[In reply to "Question inside regarding Justin Fields, and a comparison between Braxton, JT, and DH" by Denison_Buckeye, posted at 14:41:40 08/13/19]

: I know Justin Fields hasn't taken a snap in an OSU regular season game, but some of you have seen him play in person, and others have seen his highlights. And, we have the Spring game.

: Question - is he not as fast or quick as Braxton, but definitely a better passer?

He is not as fast or as quick, but you're not talking about a population of one in OSU history. He's close to as fast, but nobody has his moves. I'd say he's more elusive than TP, but doesn't have TP's top end. As a passer, I'd put his basement at Braxton Miller as a sophomore.

Is he as good as a runner as JT Barrett, or better, and most likely a better passer?

Different kinds of runners. More dynamic than JT, but can he pick up the short-yardage like JT? I don't know. He's big enough, but JT had a nose and a drive for that final two feet. Does Fields have the toughness for that? As a passer, I'm expecting something similar to JTB in 2014, which was outstanding, though people may not want to remember that.

Is he a better runner than DH, but not expected to be as good of a passer as DH?

Kent Graham was a better runner than DH. It would be unfair to expect Justin Fields to be as good or better than DH, who is the best pure passing quarterback in school history. Don't judge him based on Haskins' accuracy. Judge him based on anybody else tho. And Haskins wasn't Haskins until his third year at OSU. Fields is in year one.

: I know we have a super small sample size, but as the regular season approaches I am wondering what to expect.

What to expect...

3,500 yards passing, 37 TDs, 10 INTs,67% comp, 650 yards rushing, 10 TDs.

All Big Ten.

Heisman discussion.

: Go Bucks

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