Tua is a phenomenal college QB. I would think the severe drop-off against top 30 D's would concern future NFL teams (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:38:41 08/13/19
[In reply to "a dropoff is reasonable to expect but this wide of a gulf is significant. at least we get some more data on Tua this yea *" by Brutus, posted at 15:26:24 08/13/19]

at least somewhat.

The NFL will not look like the other 11 opponents. Tua is extraordinary when he has time and no pressure, and has the WR's he does getting open deep consistently.

Both Georgia and Clemson got some pressure and the passing lanes were tightened. The combination made him into a mere mortal.

This season will be interesting to see if he and Bama step it up against the top D's. I thought last year's Bama team was as soft as any in Saban's era due to all the RPO's. That led to some of the trouble IMO when they played the top teams and defenses.

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