He's been perfect so far. But he also came into the most perfect situation in the history of coaching.

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By Tom Zak on 09:32:12 09/10/19
[In reply to "Very impressed with Day. He has recruited well, hired great coaches, and has his players ready to play. His demanor" by Cloverfield, posted at 08:48:16 09/10/19]

Following one of the best coaches of all time. Meyer has the program not only stocked with elite talent, but the guys he selected all seem to be good citizens.

OSU football has never in its history been in a better spot.

Add in this is the easiest schedule on record for early season games, and you have a prefect storm for a new head coach to take over.

Day has been driving a brand new Ferrari that has just been serviced and runs like a top.

Let's see how he does when she won't start, and the tech says he has to remove the engine to see what the problem is and needs $45K before he starts.

: Is business like but also welcoming in interviews

: Big asset is that he does not act like an ass on the sidelines and keeps his emotion in check

: OSU is very fortunate to have Day thanks to Meyer

: And if Day tries to leave for NFL I hope that OSU does all it can financially to counter any offer

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