Still in the early stages as a full time Head Coach, and he is learning more everyday... but (m)

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By WolfsBane on 11:05:23 09/10/19
[In reply to "The Reid Carrico decision and why Coach Day is most likely an integral part of the decision (m)" by Grad66, posted at 10:33:13 09/10/19]

... People that have been around Ryan Day would be more surprised if he had not displayed this level or success, (so far), than if he was struggling.

Part of it is knowing when to put in your too cents in areas that are not your specialization, (Defense). You have to go out and hire people you trust to run that part of the team. But just as important, you have to get out of their way and let them do their jobs.

But just as important is knowing where your responsibilities lie in areas where you are 'an expert', (Offense). Day has a luxury that few other teams in his offense. He has Kevin Wilson and Mike Yurcich. Two top level assistants with proven OC experience, (one with Head Coach experience, and the other with a similar background to his as an OC/QB coach). These are not guys that need to be tended by the hand. Day knows that he is the one that sets the expectation and calls the plays on Saturday, but those are the guys that set everything in motion from preparation during the week to feeding him options during the game. They are aligned and trust each other.

The man is set up for success.

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