It is going to be a test for them, for certain. On the other hand, playing a team like tOSU early in the season (m)

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By WolfsBane on 12:19:39 09/10/19
[In reply to "I'm going to disagree a little here. They may be well coached, but I kinda think they are a 7-5 type team. " by NEWBrutus, posted at 12:10:56 09/10/19]

... can be something that their staff can use to show where they need to improve to the players, make the necessary adjustments to their offensive and defensive systems, and rally the troops.

Their talent is better than what they had last year and they seem to have a good staff on both sides of the ball. Will be interesting to see. IMO, they have the personnel. They need to find a way to integrate the units to make it all go. And they need to find a better way to keep that QB upright.

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